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This #UrbanOctober, Cities Forum is introducing 


A global platform to spread awareness and start the conversation on Climate Action in the Urban Development sector.

We call people across different age groups and urban communities– students, practitioners, and academia- to express individual ideas, opinions, and suggestions on our cities’ present state of affairs, development, and growth.

Send your submissions to:


A. What does ‘Accelerating Urban Action’ mean to you?

B. Habitable places and Citizens’ wellbeing and happiness

C. Age, Gender, and Urban Transformation of cities


/ Photo Essays /

/ Narrations of projects you have worked on with the potential to evolve at a higher level /

/ Critiques on government initiatives that can be re-enacted /

/ Opinion pieces on urban policies and designs /

/ Other Creative Pieces (only for youth participants) /

Note: While we are not explicitly looking for academic/research pieces, we understand the importance of facts and corroborating data. Hence, any work with assumptions without follow-up explanations and unwise claims shall not be considered.

Further, Comprehensive research pieces received from Urban Development Sector and those selected for extensions and correspondence shall be published differently than general entries to value the scrutiny of scholarly works.

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