Emobility capacity trainning for cities

This project consists of providing capacity trainning on emobility to the city of Cuenca in Ecuador and supporting them in the designing and implementation of their emobility strategy. This 18 months contract was launched by GIZ (under the TUMIVolt global project) and awarded to CITIES FORUM in may, 2021.

The global TUMIVolt project is based on the exchange of experiences through the generation of knowledge networks and TUMI resources. TUMIVolt is specifically designed to support local and national governments in solving the challenges that arise in the electromobility implementation process in order to enable a fast development. Within the specific action areas of the TUMIVolt program, pilot cities are advised on the implementation of concepts for the development and adoption of electromobility.

Cuenca as a pilot city in the TUMIVolt program, is receiving support in the construction of an electromobility plan composed of the following 4 phases:

● Phase 1: Establishment of the concept
● Phase 2: Vision definition
● Phase 3: Definition of the measures to include in the emobility action plan
● Phase 4: Definition of the implementation framework

The project is being structured and developed through 27 online and face-to-face workshops where the emobility experts of CITIES FORUM are building an environment of co-creation, interaction thanks to a engaging methology applied.  Thanks to that approach, the technical team from the city of Cuenca and the local stakeholders involved in the project are benefiting from a 360º learning experience in which the following fields are being covered:

  1. Electric infraesctucture
  2. Electric vehicles, tecnology and innovation in this sector
  3. Public transport and emobility
  4. Electric shared mobility and micromobility
  5. Governance and public policy on emobility
  6. Communication and raising awareness
  7. International best practises in emobility.

During the project CITIES FORUM will design and organise study visits to the cities of Madrid, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City and Barcelona in order to know the experience of these cities in implementing sucessful emobility projects and getting access to the lessons learnt.