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Become part of the new network of cities truly committed to fight for a better future

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The right advise

Cities Forum has the aim of helping cities go about tackling their urban challenges, making a wiser use of public resources and through the most efficient and appropriate solutions. Cities Forum provides NEUTRAL advice to cities across the world, thanks to its international pool of experts.

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Showcase your city

Cities Forum is the perfect organisation to make your city and initiatives to reach further. If you think your work could be useful for others, we can help you to disseminate it across the world thanks to our presence throughout the five continents.

Share your thoughts, plans, lessons learned and success stories with this community, we make your voice more powerful than ever.

Attract interests and opportunities to your city, companies and people by showcasing the highlights of your projects in digital transformation, sustainable mobility or circular economy, for instance. We are here to help you to reach out further.

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Share & Learn

Cities Forum places cities in the center of the right eco- system, enabling them to learn and grow in accordance with their specific needs and circumstances.

Cities Forum designs tailor-made programs to exchange knowledge among cities through technical meet ups, study visits, working groups and live events, among other resources that enable cities to share & learn from each other.


With the support of Cities Forum, governments, cities, companies and organisations receive valuable guidance and strategic advice to set up high impact initiatives and programs to boost the performance of local actions.

Learn from the insights of a community of experts and cities that are facing similar challenges in the urban context, and are investing in the future of people like you.


Citis forum facilitates companies to focus their talent and resources towards the right opportunities


It is only just that those cities, companies and organisations that are making a difference in the field of sustainable urban development at the forefront of innovation and excellence get to have their voice heard. Cities Forum provides an international platform to showcase the services, projects or initiatives that are changing our cities and their quality of life for the better.


Our network of experts across the world is ready to work with you in to overcoming current challenges, such as in urban mobility, digital transformation, climate change adaptation or e-gobernance. We offer governments, cities and organisations strategic advice in order to launch and develop the right actions and projects. The target is to improve our cities and countries by tackling urban development inequities.

Effective marketing

One of the goals of the Cities Forum is to support and help smart city companies to succeed in being more competitive, making their services and products known throughout different markets.  Cities Forum will help your company improve its visibility, offering guidance towards new potential application areas and market opportunities.  Have your products and services listed, and link them to cases studies where your company is highlighted

Get to know the market

Do you know your potential clients? When it comes to approaching a new market, every city, region or country has different needs and circumstances. For that reason is crucial to know the local context. Cities Forum strives to help cities and companies establish fruitful and meaningful collaborations, ensuring at the same time the best match possible between them. To do so, Cities Forum provides advice about the current concerns and needs of a large network of city managers across the world.


Cities Forum hosts the most recognised pool of experts in sustainable development

Become a certified expert of Cities Forum

Cities Forum offers you the opportunity to collaborate with us, becoming part of a global pool of experts focused in sustainable development that covers the following main topics:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Environment
  • Urban mobility & Transport
  • Governance &Finance
  • Social Inclusion & Sharing Cities

Get involved

Cities forum is a global non-profit organisation created to help to contribute to overcome existing urban problems and inequalities, aimed at collaborating in international programs and initiatives with governments, cities and companies where key expertise from different sectors is crucial.

We give our experts the unique opportunity to work in the most challenging projects together with us.

The process

The governing board of Cities Forum evaluates all aplications received and decide to include the candidate in the active pool of experts or keep the candidacy for a later stage in case it is required.

If the application is accepted, the candidate becomes Cities Forum’s certified expert and is taken into account to be asked about getting involved in coming advisory opportunities within the activity of Cities Forum.