2019 Partners and collaborators

New partners & collaborators -2019

International organisations


The Latin American Association of Integrated Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility – SIMUS. It is an international non-profit organization created in Curitiba, Brazil, in April 2010, which is part of the most advanced multimodal urban transport systems in Latin America. Currently comprised of 31 public management bodies is present in 35 cities in 13 countries and 30 transport related private companies. The goal of SIMUS is to promote the best international practices in sustainable urban mobility and sustainable urban development.

SIMUS works with many of the cities of Latin America through MUSAL, the Network of Leading Cities in Sustainable Urban Mobility. MUSAL was created in 2014 in Lima within the framework of our IV SIMUS Best Practices Congress and I Summit of Leading Cities in Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies

The Eastern Institute (full name: Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies) has since its inception in 1992 been active in the field of co-operation among European countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Various projects conducted at different levels have been adding to creation and development of political, economic, cultural and scientific ties among states in the region.

The most important project of the Eastern Institute is the Economic Forum in Krynica. Over the period of more than ten years, the Forum has become an important and recognized event in this part of Europe. In its efforts related to the Forum, the Eastern Institute is supported by the Programme Council. The Council sets the content and programme of the Forum, and gives direction to its further development.

Other statutory projects:
organising international seminars, workshops and study visits
publishing economic analyses and reports
organising internships for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian students in top Polish companies
The Economic Forum is the most significant initiative of the Eastern Institute. Organized since 1992, the conference has become one of the most important economic events in Europe attended by political and business elites. The highest level of debates and organizational aspects of the Economic Forum is supported by the Program Council. The Council determines the content and program of the Forum, and indicates directions for its further development. For over last 20 years, prime ministers, ministers, European Commissioners and other prominent figures of political stage and business life in Poland and in Europe have been hosted at the conference.


RECI, the Spanish Network of smart Cities, promotes the intelligent management of the infrastructures and urban services within the City Councils of Spain. It aims to exchange experiences and work together to develop a sustainable management model and improve the quality of life of their citizens, to do so RECI is focused on aspects such as energy saving, sustainable mobility, eGovernment or the environment.
RECI began to take shape in June 2011 with the signing of the 'Manifest for Smart Cities. Innovation for progress', whose commitment was to create an open network to promote the economic, social and business progress of cities through innovation and knowledge, relying on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The Network was formally constituted in June 2012 in Valladolid and is currently chaired by the mayor of Hospitalet de Llobregat, Nuria Marín Martinez.

ITS Arab

ITS-Arab is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a partnership between transport professionals, decision makers, research/academic institutions and the industry. Their objective is to facilitate the development and deployment of ITS technologies to enhance the transport environment, safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.

ITS-Arab Architecture Working Group consists of international Public and Private ITS experts with the required knowledge, skill and resource to meet the required objective. As Chair of the ITS-Arab Architecture Working Group our long term strategy is to support ISO ITS Architecture. The short term strategy is to focus on one or two Arab countries to develop and test the ITS Architecture, while consulting with local and international experts. This approach will provide both the required focus and the balanced feedback to ensure a successful ITS Architecture development.

Smart City Business Insitute America

The Smart City Business America Institute (SCBA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the advancement of Smart Cities discussions in Latin America. With a business-oriented vision, SCBA is positioned as a great platform for discussion and business generation around the ecosystem of cities.






Global events partnerships

Smart City Expo Buenos Aires

Evento líder en Argentina en ciudades inteligentes. Reúne a los profesionales del sector de más alto nivel con el objetivo de inspirar un debate provocativo sobre el vínculo entre la realidad urbana y la revolución tecnológica, facilitar la creación de contactos, compartir ideas y establecer acuerdos comerciales internacionales.

World Mobility Show summit

World Mobility Show is an elite gathering of 500+ international mobility experts, future-ready automotive companies, technology leaders, and decision makers from government agencies, startups, corporates, investors and enterprises – all under one roof to discuss the Future of Mobility.

The show will feature discussions on disruptive trends, challenges and opportunities from the world of mobility. Witness an impressive display of future-tech automobile concepts and smart technologies contributing towards a two-point agenda – The Future of Mobility & Dubai 2030

Transport Ticketing Global

Transport Ticketing Global , the annual get-together for the entire public transport community involved in smart ticketing, looks at the possible answers to this question. Through case studies by operators, in-depth industry debates and panel discussions, this annual gathering acts as a platform for transport executives to set the agenda towards the global vision for transport with a focus on transport ticketing & fare collection, passenger information systems and smart cities.
Public transportation is undergoing a marked transformation; adoption of smart technology and a shift in focus to interoperable transport networks are making transit faster, easier and more efficient for both passengers and operators. So how can we accelerate this change and take advantage of the latest innovations?

Impact mobility

IMPACT MOBILITY is the only conference tackle these tough questions head-on. It will unite the mobility service providers, automakers and data-driven platform providers with the cities and public transit operators to build the partnerships that will deliver on-demand low-emission mobility and create a sustainable business model for its stakeholders.

Smart City Business Insitute America

The Smart City Business America Institute (SCBA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the advancement of Smart Cities discussions in Latin America. With a business-oriented vision, SCBA is positioned as a great platform for discussion and business generation around the ecosystem of cities.


Latam Mobility se fundó en 2016 para reunir profesionales de los sectores de Movilidad, Energía, Tecnología y Transporte de América Latina.

América Latina es la región más urbanizada del mundo según UN-Habitat y la tasa de población urbana en el continente alcanzará el 89% en 2050. El número de ciudades en la región ha aumentado seis veces en 50 años, pero el proceso de urbanización fue Intenso e incontrolado. Más de 100 millones de residentes en la región están expuestos a niveles inseguros de contaminación del aire y están perdiendo un tiempo precioso en sus autos, algunos gobiernos están tratando de solucionarlo, pero los cambios toman tiempo. Las ciudades han comenzado a desarrollar iniciativas para organizar sistemas de transporte público basados en autobuses, de implementación más rápida y económica, mientras que los sistemas de metro y tranvías son excepciones en algunas ciudades, a menudo insuficientes debido a la demanda de pasajeros.
Por otro lado, el sector privado está desarrollando muchas innovaciones de vehículos eléctricos, autobuses, bicicletas o aplicaciones para compartir automóviles que transformarán a América Latina.

Celebramos nuestra Cumbre de movilidad de Latam en la Ciudad de México cada año y, por primera vez en 2019, realizaremos una Cumbre de movilidad de Colombia en Medellín.

5G Forum Málaga

The 5G Forum is consolidated as the main event of reference specifically on the 5G in Spain, and will be held on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th April in the Digital Content Hub in Malaga top national and international experts, with the participation of companies and speakers from more than 20 countries.

The agenda of the 5G Forum, which includes 30 keynotes and panels, has been announced today in the City of Malaga by the Councillor for Innovation and New Technologies, Mario Cortés, and by the CEO of Medina Media Events, Ricardo Medina, who organizes the event.

One of the objectives of the 5G Forum is to become a reference forum in which, two months after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, companies present their novelties and projects in a less frenetic and much more personalized way to a very specialized public, limited to 250 attendees.