Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC)

CITIES FORUM is an official city advisor organisation in the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) iniatiative.

The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is a European Commission initiative bringing together 130 cities to achieve intelligent, socially responsible and sustainable growth through advanced technologies.

The programme started on September 2020 and will be a 2.5-year programme builds on the success of the Digital Cities Challenge, which helped 41 EU cities develop a strategic vision and roadmap for their digital transformations. Participating ICC cities are eager to become the engines for the recovery of the economy, create new business opportunities and enhance their cities, industries and SMEs’ sustainability and resilience through the uptake of advanced technologies, re-skilling and upskilling of the workforce.

The ICC takes an action-oriented and collaborative approach to guide the participating cities to become the drivers of their own green, intelligent and sustainable development through technological solutions. Participant cities are encouraged to interact with and learn from each another, collaborate to creatively tackle city challenges, develop long-term relationships and form intelligent ecosystems.

The ICC is currently offering participating cities regular networking opportunities and community gatherings, access to training, online toolboxes and guidance from the ICC mentor cities. To define each city’s vision and roadmap for implementation, the ICC programme is building upon an assessment of prioritized issues and needs of each participant city, with the objective for cities to be transformed using intelligent and advanced technologies.

The ICC is part of a wider EU support system to deliver on the promises of the European Green Deal – building an economy that works for all people and a Europe that is fit for the digital age.

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