CITIES FORUM is the promoter and organiser of MOVIELÉCTRICA , one of the most relevant e-mobility fairs of southern Europe. The last edition was held on the 2nd of october 2,2021.

MOVIELÉCTRICA gathered nearly 7000 visitors and emobility enthusiasts again in that last edition. The event put together the automobile industry, manufacturers of electric vehicles and charging points, energy companies and many more. A unique meeting where you can get to know this ecosystem in depth and get involved in a vibrant and innovative concept of exhibition.

Some of the conclusions and findings of the last edition were:

  • Shared and electric mobility must keep on growing in order to offer new mobility services and alternatives to the use of the private car, and always as a complement of the public transport.
  • Public grants and subsidies for the electric vehicle has grown notably in Europe during 2021, however they are still not enough to make progress at the pace demanded by the sector and the society.
  • The automotive sector is advancing in new business models that. for instance, are allowing to have access to emobility shared systems not only by minutes but for longer periods in an effort to match to the new mobility habits after the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Both the public administration and the private sector must join forces to offer the widest possible range of sustainable mobility services to try to meet the diverse and changing mobility needs in our cities.
  • The economy of scale in the production of electric vehicles, new developments in the design and production of batteries and technologies such as V2G (vehicle to grid) will make this decade the decade of the electrification of the urban mobility in Europe.
  • The electric scooter has been greatly strengthened after the confinement and its users demand more infrastructure (bike lanes) and have a proper regulation as soon as possible.

The objectives of MOVIELECTRICA 2021 were :

  1. Create synergies between the public administration (city councils, regional governments) and the electric mobility industry.
  2. Continue to grow as one of the largest professional meetings for the electric vehicle in Europe.
  3. Support the emobility industry by raising awareness on the benefits of emobility and spreading the word about the products , technologies and services of the participating companies in the fair.
  4. Inform and train citizens and companies about the advantages of the electric mobility and its current reality
  5. Serve as a reference and help public administrations to take the measures to implement new initiatives and projects to decarbonise the urban mobility.

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