CITIES FORUM is supporting CEEIM, the project coordinator of the EU funded project SME4SMARTCITIES, in desigining a bespoke training programme for 50 smart city SMEs with the aim of supporting & preparing them in the different stages of the Smart Cities solution development: idea generation; concept definition & strategic analysis (production capacity, identification of possible alliances & answer to the demand needs). It also includes training on social, economic & political environment (& the impact of this environment in the internationalisation process) & participants’ matchings to foster cooperative work.

The SME4SMARTCITIES project is making possible the collaboration between public authorities and SMEs by reinforcing the capacities of  Mediterranean cities and SMEs. On the one the hand, the project will help cities to be the front-runners of innovation, in particular through the use of Public Procurement of Innovative solutions. On the other hand, the project will support Mediterranean SMEs in order to guarantee that their products and services meet the expectations and needs of smart cities.

What will be improved?

The development of new products and services will generate “ready to deploy” solutions to address smart cities challenges while creating business opportunities for SMEs. As a result of the project, the collaboration between cities and SMEs will be enhanced through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreements towards a more sustainable, efficient and smart urban growth.

Who will benefit?

  • 50 SMEs supported
  • 6 Mediterranean cities  and 50 of their civil servants
  • Business support organisations, clusters, business associations, universities and R&D centers
  • Local urban communities benefitting from the implementation of new smart initiatives

Expected achievements

  • 1 training programme dedicated to support SMEs in entering the smart cities solutions market
  • 1 platform for providing consultancy services to SMEs in idea generation, concept definition, concept development, market testing and access to new markets
  • 1 co-creation, co-innovation programme to foster cooperation among Mediterranean SMEs
  • 5 Smart Cities solutions (innovative and technological products and/or services for improving the cities answers to the urban challenges they face) developed and tested