Urban Action Avenue is a unique global platform for individuals engaged in the different communities of the urban development sector to voice their ideas, opinions, and suggestions  for our cities’ development and future growth strategies in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative is an exciting amalgamation of innovative and intellectual works from participants across different age groups and vocations– students, professionals, and academia under three umbrella categories:

  • Age, Gender, and Urban Transformation of cities
  • Habitable places – Citizens’ wellbeing and happiness
  • Accelerating Urban Action

Our cities are urbanising rapidly, requiring more and more resources. We aim to bring forward ideas and solutions capable of bringing change at a larger scale through the Urban Action Initiative. Moreover, we acknowledge that citizens’ needs are  best understood when heard from residents themselves. The Urban Action Initiative thus brought forward voices from different urban communities and various age groups to ensure coherent and robust reviews of urban issues.

The categories chosen as the umbrellas are those which stand at the core of several SDGs. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is of utmost importance, and united measures can enhance the efforts put into designing our future cities. We believe that small steps go a long way. While our urban leaders and city governments are responsible for driving us towards a better tomorrow, individual responsibility and action are equally imperative for our cities to be truly sustainable. This report presents extensive research pieces, observation and opinion articles, and independent movements in changing contexts that can bring transformation worldwide. We bring forward the lesser-known ideas and solutions capable of making a more significant impact through this initiative. We open the doors to numerous inspirations and collaborations for changemakers globally. The time to Act is Now!

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Tapis Rouge, Port-au Prince, Haiti. Credits: Gianluca Stefani

Image. Kolkata and her lifelines by Sweta Bhushan