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5th European Congress of Local Governments

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The Institute for Eastern Studies is responsible for organizing the 5th European Congress of Local Governments to be held on April 8th –9th 2018 in Cracow (Poland) this Congress will be a meeting platform for local leaders and regional elites to exchange views with public administration, NGOs and business. The diversified programme will consist of 5 thematic tracks, with more than 60 events: thematic blocks, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, presentations and receptions.

Cities Forum will be partner of the Institute for Eastern Studies with the aim of supporting and contributing to make the congress a success by spreading the word about, disseminating its outcomes and in particular by designing and managing a panel discussion called “Human-centered approach in smart cities. Investments and bespoke projects to deploy smart services”

 This panel discussion will be an outstanding opportunity to put together city representatives, smart city related networks and organizations and top smart city industry companies around a topic that raises much interest and triggers passionate discussion in different spheres.

Now more than ever cities must take into account the human factor within the projects and initiatives they launch and must measure very carefully how they will affect the quality of life of the citizens and not only focus on providing technologically more advanced services. Municipal services must be able to provide solutions to society’s needs, maximizing their utility and making the best possible use of public resources, but this does not directly imply having to make extensive use of technology. Technology must be put at the service of people and not vice versa. In this context, questions like “Do our citizens positively assess efforts to promote digital transformation? Are we creating digital illiterates through the massive incorporation of digital technologies? These and other questions will be raised in the session that Cities Forum will moderate at the next 5th European Congress of Local Governments.

Please follow this link to get more information about the event, the programme and the speakers who will be met in this relevant event.

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