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Middle East International Business Awards 2021

We are delighted to share with you that Cities Forum has been awarded with the “Consulting category award” at the Middle East International Business Awards 2021.

Below we bring you the article wrote and published by the Asian Business review mazagine.

Middle East International Business Awards 2021

Its initiatives and innovative solutions driven approach are helping cities achieve sustainable development through social inclusion, digital transformation, and knowledge sharing.

A fast-emerging global strategic advisory firm, Cities Forum, bagged the win in the Consulting category of the Middle East International Business Awards 2021 with its notable initiative on leveraging the data and technology in managing our cities and transport systems in the post Covid world. The firm, highly specialised  in cities and sustainable development has developed a unique consulting model by making quality technical and business expertise available beyond geographical boundaries.

Cities Forum is a young, global organisation of experts in cities that is standing out for its strategic advisory and applied research services. Cities Forum was formed during a leadership program at the University of Oxford and co-founded by a group of international experts to harness skills, experience, and shared background in making cities more efficient, resilient, and sustainable. Driven by the core principle of collaboration and innovative strategy, Cities Forum provides expertise to cities and companies in meeting their sustainability agenda.

The prize-giving ceremony of the Middle East International Business Awards 2021

The variety of the projects across various geographies that Cities Forum has secured over the last twenty-four months are helping cities and communities contribute significantly towards meeting the emission reduction targets as per agenda 2030. On one side the organis     ation is developing national level policies on how data and technology tools can help generate new business and employment opportunities. On the other side, the company is helping cities and regions meet the sustainability agenda through the e-mobility transition.

Cities Forum’s Reimagining World Cities’ initiative is distinctive in conception and implementation. Through this initiative the firm is reaching out to multiple cities and organisations working on the new-age practices in urban management. Rome, London, Madrid, and New Delhi were amongst the initial cities chosen as the exemplar. Reimagining World Cities is a one-of-a-kind initiative, constantly adapting to individual city-specific contexts, promoting cross city learning, and documenting a range of skill sets developed and utilised by global cities. Another initiative, Meet the City Changers compliment the Reimagining World Cities and catalyse its growth. The initiative is focused on helping companies and institutions in directly listening and connecting with the change makers in the city sector. This is helping many cities in adopting best practices and sustainable strategies without rediscovering the wheel.

The ingenuity of Cities Forum initiatives marked a valuable milestone for the long suit of Cities Forum ventures. The purpose has always been to shape the national, regional, and city-level policies to meet the set targets for the SDGs. The initiatives have enabled Cities Forum experts to successfully assist policymakers in developing high-quality impact driven projects to make our cities a healthier and happier place to live.

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