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e-Bus System Planning and Optimisation

The urban mobility is shifting to electric at a higher pace than expected and the public transport is heading that transformation, 58% of global municipal bus fleet will become electric by 2030 (BNEF) and the sector needs proffessionals with the required skills and expertise to manage that transition. CITIES FORUM is strategic partner at a series of #emobility courses prepared and deliverd by Pmanifold, a wellkown consulting company focussed on building go-to-market strategies to unlock the potential of the sustainable urban development is Asia.

In case you are interested in e-buses capacity trainning we encourage you to enroll in the coming “e-Bus System Planning and Optimisation” live program – Starting from 13th April, theory Session on Tue, Thu – 19:00 to 20:30 (IST) | Practical on Sat – 17:00 to 19:00 (IST)

“The e-Bus System Planning and Optimisation program will enable you developing holistic understanding of e-Bus eco-system, its elements and their inter linkages. The training program will take you through theory and practical sessions to help choosing of bus, battery, charging infrastructure, transit network and route planning considerations and understand overall effect on e-bus operations. It also aims to develop understanding of analyzing and relating with real-time challenges in e-Bus electrification and techniques for problem solving and decision making.”

The skills you will gain:

  • Understanding of the Electric Bus ecosystem elements and their functions
  • e-Bus, Battery and Charging Technology selection, overall system requirements planning, and economics
  • Unique hands-on modeling for real-time problem solving and building future scenarios for desired e-Bus operations using the EV Fleet Planning too

Watch demo session video – | Learn more about the program –

Designed ‘by Practitioners for Practitioners’ to help solve real life e-Bus System Planning and performance Diagnostics & Monitoring

Some of the sessions the course will deliver will be:

  • Introduction to e-Bus Energy Modeling
  • e-Bus Routes & Depot Selection and Network Planning
  • e-Bus Charging Strategies and Trade-offs
  • e-Bus Fleet performance Scenarios and Optimisation
  • e-Bus Life cycle Costs, Battery life and Optimisation (TCO Analysis)

For more details, please contact:

Jaime Ruiz Huescar

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Co-founder of Cities Forum, a global organization focused on working with cities, companies and organisations to meet their sustainable development goals.

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