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Is Green Hydrogen solution to sustainable mobility ?

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The passenger and freight transportation sector is the world’s third biggest carbon emitter after energy production and industries. Global transport emissions in 2018  was 8 billion tons co2 (Data, 2018). As a result, it accounts for 24% of co2 emission from energy. In terms of its bifurcation, Road transport have highest share of emission i.e 45.1% . It is followed by Road freight i.e. 29.4%, Aviation 11.6%, Shipping 10.6%, Rail 1% and 2.2% from other sources. Road travel alone accounts for 3 quarters of transport emission.

With times world has developed technological intervention like:

  • Sustainable biofuels.
  • Battery electric vehicles.
  • Natural gas vehicles.
  • Hydrogen-based fuel cell electric vehicles.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe than any other. It is very unique as it can be used in any form- liquid or gaseous and there are multiple uses to produce it.

Difference between Gray Hydrogen & Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is extensively in use globally. Currently  pure Hydrogen is  extracted through Methane reforming. Fossil fuels such as propane, gasoline and coal are being used to produce hydrogen. As a result this method of production through fossil fuel produce Gray Hydrogen. Energy stored as Hydrogen will help stabilize highly volatile power grid. Thus, when wind doesn’t blow and sun doesn’t shine one source of energy is present all time.

Image Source: Siemens Energy

Green hydrogen could be a critical enabler of the global transition to sustainable energy and net zero emission economy. Hydrogen is emerging as one of the leading options for storing energy from renewable with hydrogen-based fuel potentially transporting energy from renewable. Many countries are realizing the importance of Green Hydrogen. In UN Climate Conference they rely on it for future as a means to decarbonize heavy industry, long haul freight shipping and aviation (Forum, 2021).

The European commission has adopted a set of legislative proposal to decarbonize the EU gas market. They facilitate the uptake of renewable and low carbon gases including hydrogen, and to ensure energy security for all citizens in Europe.

There are many success of renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles. In Conclusion, it shows that the policy and technology innovation have the power to build global clean energy industries. Catering to offer decarbonization solution to many sectors like, Industries, Chemical & Transportation green hydrogen has seen increased investment, engineering advancement and government support.

It is high time to get Hydrogen technology standards to an industrial level and actively shape the market involving all the value chain.
Reference: Hydrogen can play vital role in green energy transition | World Economic Forum (



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