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Cities Forum has signed a cooperation agreement with The Latin American Association of Integrated Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility – SIMUS. It is an international non-profit organization created in Curitiba, Brazil, in April 2010, which is part of the most advanced multimodal urban transport systems in Latin America. Currently comprised of 31 public management bodies is present in 35 cities in 13 countries and 30 transport related private companies. The goal of SIMUS is to promote the best international practices in sustainable urban mobility and sustainable urban development.

This agreement reflects the willingness of both organizations to work together and create synergies in the public transport sector and sustainable urban mobility. Cities Forum offers SIMUS its experience in urban mobility projects, its knowledge in the field of intelligent transport systems and its network to explore potential collaborations in the implementation of innovative initiatives with the member cities of SIMUS and with the public transport operators that compose it. The objective of Cities Forum is to serve as a catalyst for the growth of SIMUS, broadening the scope of its initiatives, giving greater visibility to its actions and projects, promoting cross learning and exchange of knowledge between SIMUS and other international networks in Europe and Asia related to sustainable mobility and public transport.

SIMUS works with many of the cities of Latin America through MUSAL, the Network of Leading Cities in Sustainable Urban Mobility. MUSAL was created in 2014 in Lima within the framework of our IV SIMUS Best Practices Congress and I Summit of Leading Cities in Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Through this agreement, Cities Forum and SIMUS commit themselves among other things to:

  1. Work together to achieve common goals through projects and the execution of an specific cooperation program.
  2. Facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation in their respective areas of work.
  3. Develop work plans related to these objectives and the execution of joint projects
  4. Design and execute programs, projects and activities of urban development and sustainable mobility that lead to sustainable solutions for transport, mobility, land use and urban spaces.
  5. Promote international congresses and workshops with the aim of boosting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as promoting business meetings in the area of ​​urban development and urban mobility.
  6. Develop work plans and specific projects related to these objectives
  7. Carry out training programs about Sustainable Urban Mobility.

We hope this is the beginning of a fruitful, lasting collaboration relationship through which we can contribute to transform the transport and urban mobility model of many cities around the world.

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