Paris Agreement’s achievability in 2021

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Global warming of 1.5°C does not annihilate the impacts of climate change; instead, it lets us buy some more time to prepare and mitigate the growth direction coming next century. The short-term actions of our nations may prove to be horrific than grasped at the moment. The current policies are on a trajectory of 0.8°C higher than the net-zero target assessment, and the current temperature increase rate suggests global warming to reach 1.5°C before 2052, contrasting to the valiant plan of action of keeping it below 1.5°C by the century end. More recently, researchers have come to accept the phrase ‘likely below’ with the 2°C goal, with the probability being closer to 66%. Leaders are losing sight of the long-term commitments, necessary participation, and accountability to the dangers of climate change. As countries prepare to build back better in the post-COVID world, it is an excellent time to take a pause and re-align our priorities and principles.

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